TY Reflection

As I slowly come closer to the end of Transtion Year, I’ve started to think about some of the most memorable parts of TY from start to finish. Some I won’t forget and some I’ll be easily reminded of, either way there are so many.

Starting off with a kayaking trip to Moville, I was sure TY was going to be good. I proved how skilful a kayaker I am and also talked to a few people I hadn’t talked to in a while, my new classmates.

I went to an Ireland match in October. Ireland beat Georgia 1-0 in the Aviva Stadium with Seamus Coleman scoring the only goal of the game.

Less than a week later I was in County Antrim at the Giant’s Causeway. 

I surfed for the first time ever aswell this year. It was so funny to see my friends being wiped out by the waves and of course they were laughing at me for the same reason.

We got a very special visit from Christy Toye.

I went on a hill walk in Greencastle which was actually one of my favourite trips now that I think about it.

Then came a big trip, a land mark in the year, the Christmas Trip. Not only was it a trip to Belfast but it meant half of the year had passed already. We also went ice skating which I was a natural at.

Then there was the shaping of TY 2016/17 itself. We had an overnight stay in Mullingar which was complimented greatly by winning an All Ireland Drama title. We won the Briary Gap Light Entertainment Competition in Mullingar for our dance drama on Grace O’Malley. Something I will never forget.

Calming things down a bit, we had a history trip to Kilmainham Gaol and Glasnevin Cemetery. It was a really interesting trip.

And of course there was the infamous mud run. The most enjoyable of all TY trips. Coming away with cuts and bruises means nothing when you have that much fun in mud.

I also did three different work placements in Transition Year. The first was in Highland Radio, then McGuinness O’Neill Accountants and now Gill’s Bottling Buncrana. I have to say I’m enjoying the third placement the most because I could only do so much in the other two but there’s no real limit to the work I can do in Gill’s. Also the men I work with are good craic.

Another memorable part of TY was the Laurentic Centenery project. Our whole class did a project on the Laurentic ship as it was the 100th anniversary of it’s sinking in 1917 off the coast of Buncrana. We presented projects, attended special lunches, met navy personnel and talked to relatives of those who died on the ship, some of whom were from far away places like Canada.

I was also part of a School Digital Champions team which headed to Dublin for training and also to Google Headquarters. Google was spectacular.

Transition year for me was a year packed full of new things and great adventures. I had a great time and I am very thankful for the opportunities given by it.


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