Drama Competition Results

The transition year class in Crana College took part in a drama competition on Wednesday. The competition took place in Mullingar which meant yet another early start for the TY students. A long bus journey with a few stops later and we were there. We were performing a dance drama put together by Ms.Keogh, our performing arts teacher. We had been learning and perfecting the performance since only a few weeks of TY had passed. We had also filmed it on the Monday before in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel for a separate competition. We were very well prepared after a few last minute touch ups and practices. At around half twelve it was our time to shine, and that is just what we did. We made it to the final on the 3rd of March back in Mullingar. We then piled into a small room where we were given tips on how to enhance our performance. A lot of the information was very useful and was taken on board well. We made it back to the school in good time at around a quarter past seven. Everyone came off the bus with tired but happy heads and went home to bed. It was a massive confidence boost for us as there were a few doubts of talent and it’s just what we need for the final.


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