#SchoolDigitalChampion Training Day

On the 12th of December 2016 I went to The Carlton Hotel in Dublin for a School Digital Champion training day. Three TY students, including myself, a previous TY student who kept up his blog calling it ‘Life After TY’ and of course a teacher were forced to awaken in the early hours of the morning (around 4) to attend the training. Thankfully, the journey didn’t seem too long. We had been in preparation for the day and future days away for a while and were glad to be there. Eleanor Mannion from RTÉ taught us how to make news reports and documentaries with a smart phone and/or tablet. This was was really easy to pick up and could come in handy in later projects in TY. Afterwards, we received a video editing workshop from PDST. This was my favourite worship of the day. A range of apps were recommended and we used one in particular called iMovie to make a promotion video for The Carlton Hotel. This will also be very useful in future TY projects. We then broke for lunch where the Carlton kindly served us a carvery dinner of turkey, ham, potatoes and vegetables. After stuffing our faces and stomachs we headed upstairs to another workshop on web design from Steve Holmes. The workshop was interesting but I have to say, the coding side of things went straight over my head. The room upstairs emptied after receiving the workshop and the previous room downstairs filled again. One last talk was given, a presentation on presenting presentations. Some very useful skills on entertaining the audience and keeping them tuned in were taught. Overall I have to say it was worth the long journey to hear from people who knew exactly what they were talking about.


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