The Laurentic

In a lot of classes in TY this year we will be doing some projects on a specific sunken ship called the Laurentic. Its centenary will be celebrated on the 25th of January 2017. 100 hundred years ago the ship set sail to Canada from the UK with 3211 gold bars on board, worth 5 million at the time. On the journey some of the sailors were unwell and the captain was told to pull into Lough Swilly for the night. The crew ate in The Lough Swilly Hotel in Buncrana and were due to stay the night there when the captain was told to come back to the UK. It was quite a stormy night and the air was baltic. About a mile off Buncrana the ship hit two German mines and began to sink. Everyone who survived the mines managed to get onto the lifeboats in the darkness but a lot froze to death in the boats. The gold bars sank with the boat less than an hour later. All but 25 of the bars were recovered through various separate dives. This means there are still 25 gold bars at the bottom of Lough Swilly. Suppose I’ll use a few to pay for the diving lessons.


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