Trump Elected as President

I was woken up by my mum telling me we were moving to America. I could tell she was joking by the tone in her voice and she continued to say we were all going to be brick layers. I didn’t get the joke as I had forgotten about the presidential election and it was too early for me to even think. I went through the same motions of getting ready for school as any other morning and made my way downstairs. I entered the kitchen and looked towards the tv. It isn’t normally on in the morning but it was today so it caught my eye. Plastered on the screen in bright white writing were the words “Trump Elected President” bordered by a blood red colour. I stood and just looked at the screen, speechless. I didn’t believe it. My brother arrived downstairs and had the exact same reaction. My mum laughed and said she was shocked too. On the 9th of November 2016 Donald Trump, the racist, sexist and most discriminatory man was elected president of the United States. It is well known that Trump has some haters so who knows what could happen during his presidency. Watch this space…


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